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Martyna Tarnawa-Ahmed

Founder & President


Martyna Tarnawa-Ahmed is the CEO of Amcon Contracting Corp., a Women's Business Enterprise owned General Contracting construction company based in Queens, New York. Amcon's primary responsibilities include commercial project planning, tracking, overseeing and supervising. 

Coming from Poland with ties to the construction industry and a degree in Economics, Martyna came to NYC, in 1990, in search of the "American Dream" and hopes of continuing to learn about the industry. 

From the beginning, Amcon has seen the gaps in the market and taken the jobs others didn't want. Martyna, along with her husband, felt as though the experience with these small jobs would only benefit the company and its employees. 

Throughout 20 years of business, Amcon has worked hard to provide the best safety for its employees, treated employees and clients with the upmost respect, and build trust with anyone that walks through our doors.

As a company, Amcon actively applies the saying, "Constructing with Integrity." Martyna believes true success is gained by operating with integrity and good morals. This is what we believe makes Amcon stand out and will be the key to growth in NYC.  

Construction Site

Ashraf Ahmed

Vice President



Ashraf Ahmed came to NYC in 1990 and began working in construction companies to gain the knowledge and experience to further grow in the industry. Ashraf has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a school in Egypt. 

After years of working in other companies, Ashraf and his wife shared the same dream, which led him to became Vice President of Amcon Contracting Corp. under his wife's leadership. 

As Vice President, Ashraf's responsibilities are to ensure the daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling are strategically planned and in motion. Ashraf is constantly in contact with our clients to provide consistent updates about their projects. He takes a hands-on approach with our clients and the projects, which allow him to use his communication skills and provide clients with the opportunity to be apart of the process every step of the way. 

Amcon's History

October 2000

November 2005

September 2011

January 2012

Amcon Contracting Corp. was founded in Brooklyn, NY by Martyna Tarnawa-Ahmed

Amcon  Contracting Corp. became a Women's Business Enterprise through NYC SCA

Amcon Contracting Corp. became a certified NYC Small Business Service (SBS)

Amcon Contracting Corp. relocated to Queens, NY

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